Project Management Software

MyGANTT is my personal interpretation of a project management software

In my work I often have to coordinate and manage projects and people for the development of all phases of a software product and more

To do this, software that takes care of everything is useful. There are many solutions on the market, both free and paid-for, but none of them were easy to use and immediate. In other cases, there are certain aspects typical of project management that make management very cumbersome

I needed a software that was simple but had all the functions I needed and after a long deliberation I decided to create it myself

I have now made it available to everyone free of charge.


Is MyGantt Free ?

Yes, it’s Free!

Is MyGantt a virus? / Have MyGantt a virus?

NO MyGantt isn’t a virus and haven’t a virus.


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Fabrizio Cesarini
Project Management Software
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