Fabrizio Cesarini

Data Driven Product Manager

“We live in a data world. Everything revolves around it, companies, products and professions

Today challenge is to implement solutions derived from data analysis and responding to its changing nature

My software products are based on this philosophy and help to make optimal decisions

As a user I think the first feature they should have is the simplicity of use”

Fabrizio Cesarini

Fabrizio Cesarini

Software Engineer / Product Manager


I operate in the financial markets through quantitative algorithms


I perform research on artificial intelligence for financial markets


I develop desktop software, mobile software, api and web site


I teach programming and operation in financial markets through algorithms


I’m author of books about Programming, Trading, Finance and Artificial Intelligence


I develop applications in the financial sector and have created a robo advisor

In Code We Trust !

This is my motto! Like any programmer I think that a good code can solve many problems. I use the philosophy of good code as a way of managing many aspects of life

“It is pointless to do with more what can be done with fewer”

William of Ockham

Software / Product Management / Artificial Intelligence / Data-Driven / App / Web / Mobile / Finance / Excel / Business Intelligence / VBA / .NET / Azure / WP / Python / C++ / SQL / R / Java / C#

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Fabrizio Cesarini